Energizing Behaviors Poster
I interned at the Chicago-based advertising agency Energy BBDO the summer of my junior year. While I worked with many clients as a designer, one of my favorite projects was creating this internal iconography poster.
Energy BBDO prides itself on sticking to these eleven values and four behaviors. I started with nine vector icons and designed five more using the same style so that every piece of the behaviors and values would have an icon. Then, I played around with ways to display them in the office. The following four posters are the finalized designs, now on display on the walls of Energy BBDO.
ChangEd Campaign
As part of the Energy BBDO internship program, I was able to work with a team of other interns to create an entire campaign for a real start-up called ChangEd.
​​​​​​​The images on the left are part of our pitch to the company, where we explained how we could help their student loans app get more downloads and active users. 
ChangEd Brand Redesign
My role on the team was the Designer, which allowed me to take all of our strategists' research and compile it into a polished slide deck. As part of the presentation, I did a total overhaul of ChangEd's current branding and presented them with new logos and an edited color palette. ​​​​​​​
The new brand identity is designed to stay true to the original idea—keeping the squirrel iconography—but appear more professional. I also used lowercase characters because the original, all caps treatment made it easier to miss the pun in ChangEd's name. (The app combines pocket "change" and "education.")
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