In 2017, an independent music recording group named Goldcoast Collective approached me for help with branding to replace their hand-drawn logo one of the members had scribbled on paper. To keep with the organic feel of their original visual identity, I opted for a brush font and used rounded edges with imperfect lines for the illustration. In After Effects, the animated version of the logo combines a "shaking" effect (thank you, displacement maps and fractal noise). The way each letter draws itself onscreen is also a nod back to that handwritten logo that started it all.
The Process
As you can see, a lot of ideation went into this logo before we settled on a final version. While picking the colors was easy—Gold was in the name, after all—selecting a font that balanced professionalism with authenticity was important. In the end, this independent music recording group didn't want to be associated with the California coast (being based in Gold Coast, Chicago) which we solved by including the Chi-Town skyline in the branding. ​​​​​​​
Simplified Static Logos
For the simpler versions of the logo, I supplied the group with these options as well. The first is a two-color variation of the animated logo that I envisioned being used as the main icon for most of their media. It's streamlined by removing the record from the "o" in Coast (something I think is fun in the animation, but looked overused and gimmicky in the professional icon) and limiting the colors.
The second image uses the city skyline's reflection to appear almost like a music track on SoundCloud or media software. I liked the double meaning of the image—like a visual pun. The third image uses the "record" imagery for a square, one-color logo. This one is ideal for stickers, t-shirts, and any other media that begs for an informal introduction to GoldCoast Collective.
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